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loves me not I see you 
Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons S/S 2001

nico kok, curved picture, 1992
basically unflavoredwaxedfloss20:

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Issey Miyake spring / summer 1992
Candy wrapper 
creasing and pressing
A-POC is made in a sequence in which thread literally goes into a machine and re-emerges as a piece of clothing, an accessory, or even a chair. This interactive new method not only reduces leftover fabric but also permits the wearers to participate in the final step of the design of their clothing.
scan from issey miyake making things
"Something" On Kawara uuiuu:

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Faux Rocks, Katharina Grosse, 2006
This is not a tasty gummy sweet but a Jewel Caterpillar found in Amazon Rainforest. They are covered with sticky goo-like, gellatinous tubercles that provides protection from its predator like ants until they metamorphosise into winged moths.

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